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Available to qualified first-time homebuyers, and offers a low down payment option of just three percent, with no geographic or income restrictions.

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Benefits of a Good Credit Score!

The foundation of any mortgage is your credit rating, and while a lower credit rating may not prevent you from getting a mortgage, the higher your score, the better mortgage you can get. This is important for both the longterm status of your mortgage and the bid you make on a house you're interested in.

When you make an offer on a house, most sellers don't only look at the overall financial offer, but various other factors, including your mortgage. The type of mortgage and the terms you have can be significant factors in the decision the seller makes. If you have an FHA mortgage, and a competing bid has a conventional mortgage, many sellers will be tempted to choose the conventional mortgage, even if your bid is a bit higher.

You can certainly still buy a home with a lower credit rating and an FHA mortgage, but the better your rating, the better your chances of getting your dream home!

Additionally, the terms of the mortgage itself can change drastically based on your credit score, particularly the interest rate, which may ultimately save you thousands over the course of your mortgage. Even just 100 points on your credit score can make a significant difference, so getting your credit score as high as possible (and lowering your debt to income ratio) is an essential part of getting the best mortgage terms you can!

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